Collection: Ikat

Ikat has been derived from an Indonesian word Mengikat that means to tie, knot or bind a yarn or threads. A textile which is handwoven after the warp or weft of the fabric is tied and resist dyed for intricate patterns is called ikat weaving technique.

Apart from India Ikat weaving technique is popular in Indonesia, Thailand and Uzbekistan, Japan, Guatemala, and in the Indonesian islands of Bali and Kalimantan. In India, it came to be developed as a prominent handloom textile art in three major regions – Andhra Pradesh/Telangana, Gujarat, and Odisha.

Do you know, what seems like printed designs on fabric is actually a complex & laborious weaving style that uses specially dyed threads to develop a pattern on the fabric as the weaver weaves along?

Ikat has its own flavor. Ikat is the only technique where yarns are dyed first and then it’s being woven into cloth. Once yarn has been dyed and dried, the weaver lines them up on the loom to form the pattern.