A Beautiful weave from Eastern part of Karnataka State. 

The art of weaving of Molakalmur pure silk saree was commenced just few
decades back by Sourastra people of Swakulasali community from
Maharashtra and people of Padmasali community migrated from neighboring state Andra Pradesh. Molakalmuru is famous for pure silk sarees woven on primitive pit looms. The patterns, motifs and designs used in border, pallu & motif of saree are inspired by nature.  

The techniques involved in production of Molakalmur Kuttu saree
i) Kuttu Technique – Manual interlacement of border & body weft
using 3 throw shuttles.
ii) Chalu Technique – Joining of existing warp ends with new warp
ends at Pallow body portion.

During the periods of 80s & 90s there were about 2000 Handlooms
engaged in production of Kuttu sarees using Pure silk and pure golden zari
& there was good demand in the market. Normally the ladies would prefer to wear Molkalmur silk sarees during the special occasions like marriages, House warming, festivals etc.