Khandua (locally known as Maniabandi or Kataki) is a traditional "bandha" or ikat sari which is worn by odissa women during special occasion. This fabric has been adored by Lord Jagannath.

Khandua sarees are made only with high quality natural fibers like cotton and silk, which make them light in weight and easy to carry and that’s why it is perfect for women of all age groups. These sarees are so versatile that it can be easily dressed up or down according to occasion. Pair it with some light oxidize jewelry or traditional Jewelry. You can never go wrong with it.  

Here are some Traditional Khandua Ikkat Design and it's meaning.. 

  • Tarabeli Design
Tarabeli is one of the oldest design in Khandua Patta. Tarabeli is one such weaved design that has been inspired from star and sky! The Diamond shape motif are formed using various smaller white stars and the center motif represents the brightest star. While almost all old khandua designs are extinct somehow Tarabeli has still survived and yet popular.
  • Nebakothi Design
Very few people knows that Khandua bandha technique was used to make Bhagvan Jagannath ji's angavastra and thus Khandua weaving is also famous for creating some iconic designs and motif inspired from lord Jagannath. One such design in nebakothi where they make the complete saree with naba ( means nine in Udia language) motif and thus it is called as Nebakothi saree..
  • Pasapali Design
Pasa means Dice in Hindi. This saree border is inspired from dice and thus this saree design is named as Pasapalli Border design.